Hanover Mass Parent Advisory Council

Letter from the Hanover Special Education                                 Parent Advisory Council

Dear Parents,


The Hanover Special Education Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a district wide volunteer organization whose mission is to work toward the understanding of respect, support and appropriate education for all children with special needs and learning differences in our community.  State law requires that each school district create a parent advisory council and that the duties of the parent advisory council shall include but not be limited to: advising the school committee on matters that pertain to the education and safety of students with disabilities; and meeting regularly with school officials to participate in the planning, development, and evaluation of the school committee's special education programs.


We can help you become an effective advocate for your child.


The Hanover PAC provides an opportunity for parents to network and share information as well as a way to work constructively with our schools to make them the best they can be for all children. We are a positive and solution oriented committee. We welcome parents who want to work together with educators to learn more about available resources relating to special education. We serve as a resource and advisor to parents and guardians of children with disabilities ages 3-22. 


You do not have to do this alone.


If you are a parent or guardian of a child who receives special education services or if you think your child may have some learning issues or differences, behavioral or attention issues or any other special needs, please join us.  Our membership is open to parents and guardians of children who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan, or anyone interested in special education in Hanover.


Whether you are just learning about the special education process and IEPs or you already have a child on an IEP or 504 Plan, we hope you will join this group of supportive parents and guardians who truly understand your concerns.  We are a resource for support, networking and information.


Learn with us.


PAC provides education and training for parents and the broader community on special education issues and services.  Each year, PAC sponsors a number of programs on various topics related to special education.  We are looking forward to the 2009-2010 school year presentations and we will update the Hanover Public Schools website as events are announced.  Additionally, we are very pleased to announce that the Hanover PAC has its own website located at http://hanovermasspac.webs.com/ .  We are still developing this site so please check back often for new information.  The PAC site will list all PAC meetings and events as well as helpful websites and other local resources to help you navigate the special education journey.


All the latest information is now posted on our facebook page. Please visit and "like" our page:  http://www.facebook.com/hanoverpac


Join us and help us meet our goals.


Our key objectives are to:

  • Work with the School Committee to establish procedures related to planning, development and evaluation of the special education program.
  • Provide regular forums for parents and school personnel to share information and discuss pertinent issues.
  • Provide training for parents on Special Education laws and regulations as well as the development of educational plans.
  • Explore opportunities for parents, teachers and other school personnel to participate in joint training to foster mutual understanding.
  • Establish a support network among parents, including access to relevant information, regulations and laws, training and emotional support.
  • Promote communication and programs within the community to encourage greater understanding, acceptance, compassion, and inclusion of children with learning differences


If you would like to learn to advocate more effectively for your child and how to navigate the special education maze, please join us and begin to network with parents who have ‘been there’.  There is nothing more supportive than sharing tips, advice, information and feedback with others who truly understand.


For more information, please contact us.  We look forward to meeting you!




The Hanover Special Education Parent Advisory Council

Please visit and "like" our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/hanoverpac


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Hanover Parent Advisory Council is to work toward understanding, respect, support and appropriate education for all children with learning differences in our community.

Role of the Parent Advisory Council:


Code of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Education Laws and Regulations

603 CMR 28.00: Special Education 

Regulations 603 CMR 28:00 Special Education

Each school district shall create a district wide parent advisory council offering membership to all parents of eligible students and other interested parties.

The parent advisory council duties shall include but not be limited to:

advising the district on matters that pertain to the education and safety of student with disabilities; meeting regularly with school officials; participating in the planning, development, and evaluation of the school district’s special education programs.

The parent advisory council shall establish by-laws regarding officers and operational procedures, and, in the course of its duties, the parent advisory council shall receive assistance from the district without charge, upon reasonable notice, and subject to the availability of staff and resources. 



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